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Javascript Masterclass


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Joining Mozilla in early June

Not an expert

Trying to become an expert

Let's get a few cognitive biases out of the way.

You are not special

.. neither is anyone else

Sorry moms of the world but this is like a motivational anti-pattern.

Nobody is born with 'natural talent'

You are the result of many complicated interactions

Influences that can 'make' you 'a natural'

- Genetics

- Epigenetics (Environmental pressures affecting gene expression)

- Early childhood exposure to logical thinking

- Early childhood practice of logical skills

- Early framing of relationship to logical thinking

Your feelings don't matter here

"In spite of popular beliefs there is no one thing you're destined to do. Purpose doesn't happen to you any more than love does. These things evolve when you commit yourself fully to something, or someone, and make the decision to work through the muck."
from Deliberatism - The Muck, by Eric Karjaluoto

Problematic framing of this topic

Nobody's special?

Not born with natural talent?

This is empowering

If you practice logical thinking

and if you practice programming JavaScript a lot

and absorb enough domain knowledge

You too will become an expert

How do I know I am not a beginner?

You can use the fundamentals in any language

You are comfortable writing code from scratch

You peek inside the libs you use

You feel like your code is mediocre

you don't know what to do about it

How do I know I'm not an expert?

You don't quite grok all the code you read

You can't explain what you know

You aren't confident debugging

You rely on references way too much

Ambiguous Zone of Intermediate-ness

a curriculum for mastery

What makes a great programmer?

It depends who is asking

"To a project manager, the programmer who hits every deadline (regardless of quality) is a good programmer.

To a customer, the programmer who solves their problem quickest is a good programmer.

To a business owner, the programmer who makes them the most money is a good programmer.

To a junior programmer, the best mentor is the good programmer.

To another programmer, the programmer they are most likely to want to go into battle with is a good programmer."

- Ed Weissman

What do I need to learn to be an expert?

What do I do?

Ask why obsessively

Teach and/or speak at an event

Work through a suggested curriculum (books)

Experiment recklessly (the code doesn't care)

Have opinions

Seek mentorship

Program a lot

Stop fucking programming sometimes

Write JavaScript a lot

Write in another language for a while

Think like a programmer when AFK

Know what feedback is good feedback and reject all else

Some people aren't very happy with themselves

Good feedback vs. Troll feedback

Break free of imposter syndrome

If you write code you are a programmer: The end

Fall in love with your process

Thank you wonderful humans

Javascript Masterclass